Do you really need a stabilizer for a gopro?

If you have purchased a GoPro or any other action camera recently you already know that the next step is searching for accessories. There are plenty of GoPro accessories such as chest mounts, tripod adapters, clamps, battery packs, wearable gimbals, stabilizers etc. The question is, do you really need a stabilizer for you go pro camera? The think is stabilizers can make your videos look professional even if you are amateur in using a GoPro camera. In general yes you definitely need a stabilizer if you want to have amazing results and high-quality videos.

What is actually a camera stabilizer?

Camera stabilizer is a 3-axis gimbal that can be used as a piece of gear for your GoPro camera. The main use of a stabilizer is to hold your camera stable during walking, cycling, swimming and so on. When your camera is stable during those sports the quality of your videos will be more professional.

There are different kinds of stabilizers, some of them can also be used for smartphones and other action cameras. You can find cheap stabilizers and you can also find expensive with more features depends on your budget.

When to use stabilizers

As I mentioned before stabilizer can be used during sports and in general at outdoor activities. Use a stabilizer for your action shots and you will be impressed by the results. Apart from video capturing you can also use stabilizers during photo-shoot. In case you believe that other gears can be a better fit for a specific capture then you might use something else. For example, some cases using a chest mount can be a better fit than a stabilizer. Depends on your experience you will be able to figure when to use stabilizers and when not to!

Do you actually need it?

A stabilizer is one of the first things you can add to your collection. Choose the best stabilizer depends on your needs and get ready to capture some high-quality videos. If you are love what you are doing then do it correctly by having the necessary gear.